Trello’n (Photo credit: toolmantim)

Trello is a free web based project management application. It was developed by Fog Creek Software. It’s highly interactive and allows real time updates, even when the application is already running.

Another cool feature of Trello is accessibility, it can be access online on PC or on mobile devices trough the Trello app!

Trello is 100% web based and no software installation is required. It consists of separate vertical tabs representing different project

steps. One of those tabs lists all members which are the project teammembers. Each tab consists of an individual card that can be dr

agged between all tabs, which allows users to update the progress of the project. Individual cards have detailed information embedded on the back, so by clicking on the card, people can view all details and updates.

Image representing Fog Creek Software as depic...

Image via CrunchBase

Transparency is one more great feature of Trello. Everyone involved in the project can have information updates at the same time, such as the progress of the project, who is handling which task, and who to contact regarding a specific segment of the project.

Trello is very popular among small businesses and individuals because it’s accessible, user friendly, easy to navigate, and free of charge.


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I am a detail-oriented and results driven Financial Services professional with a reputation for outstanding organization skills, looking to move my career into Information Systems management. I currently have an A.S. in Business Administration, and am pursuing a B.S. degree in Information Systems Management. My background includes many years of experience in both the research and development of processing management. I also have expertise in utilizing Lean process methodology (, recommending process improvements, as well as analyzing and researching data. I hope to find a job in my new field soon, as I am currently in my senior year. I am very excited to transition my career into the IT field, combining my previous experience with newly learned knowledge.
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