Microsoft Kinect uses in the Medical Field

Yes, we like playing our games in our virtual worlds, we like standing in front of the TV and move to get the highest score, but, wait! Is this technology out there only for our entertainment? Maybe it was meant to be at the time when it was developed, but it surely is not any longer! Kinect seems to have many uses, from virtual games to hands free technology, from helping the blind navigate to helping teach human anatomy. Kinect is now even helping surgeons operate during an aneurism procedure.

I found this article on CNET very fascinating. The Microsoft Kinect technology is partnering up with “Miracle Mirror” technology to see CT (Computerized Topography)  or x-ray images of internal organs in 3 dimensional pictures. The “Miracle Mirror” creates illusion images of one’s inside organs based on a CT of their internal organs.

Kinect for Xbox 360 logo

Kinect for Xbox 360 logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This technology is still in its infancy, and for the now is being used mostly for educational purposes, but possibilities are endless according to the German scientists who are trying to use this technology in medicine more deeply.

Another great use of Kinect technology, is allowing touch-less voice manipulation of data. For example, neurosurgeons are using this technology to manipulate CT 2D and 3D images during aneurism procedures, keeping their hands free for better precision and keeping the operating room environment sterile at all times during the surgery. This method is in plans to be used more widely among surgeons, as it provides the necessary information, and allows a surgeon to have their hands free for performing the surgery more precisely.

This also proves that new technology can not only assist with keeping operation rooms germ-free, but also allow the surgeon to focus better on their work, while using the state of the art visual assistance. One can say that using the Microsoft Kinect in this environment is definitely not child’s play!


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