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Many use Facebook on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family, to find the best online deals, to play games, etc. In the last week or so, I was using Facebook as a marketing tool for my personal brand. Using Facebook for this purpose is much different from recreational use. Self-branding requires more involvement, it means investing more time and effort then just blabbing about your day, playing your favorite games, and looking for coupons deals. You are building your online image and desired reputation.

I found that using Facebook as a self-branding marketing tool can be very successful. If you know how to use the right tools to build a connection to groups with the same interests, then you can share ideas and news about your brand. You can also link your personal website and other social media such as: LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging sites, and many other sources promoting interests related to your brand.

Connecting to others with similar interests can speed up the process or research or locating information, as someone else has already posted the info on their page. Another helpful feature about self-branding on Facebook, is the interaction and feedback from others. People will let you know whether or not a certain comment, post, or idea is on the right track.

When using Facebook as a personal branding marketing tool, people should keep their personal life separate from the professional image they present to the public. Personal interests can be part of the profile and a small percentage of the professional contribution; however, having a heated discussion about idiots on the road with your friend or family member should be kept out of the self-promotional page.

Linking the entire source used to market one’s brand is also a very good use of Facebook. This can present the whole picture of your brand, and make it accessible to a wide variety of people, such as, your professional connections, groups you belong to, and friends and family who can use the information on hand if they are promoting you or recommending your brand to others.

I find the use of Facebook for self-branding, very useful and easy to navigate. I would also like to add that people should be careful when befriending unknown individuals and do the research before befriending someone who can potentially damage the reputation of their brand. If you are unsure how an individual or group will affect your brand then it’s better not to get involved with them.


About delfazmis

I am a detail-oriented and results driven Financial Services professional with a reputation for outstanding organization skills, looking to move my career into Information Systems management. I currently have an A.S. in Business Administration, and am pursuing a B.S. degree in Information Systems Management. My background includes many years of experience in both the research and development of processing management. I also have expertise in utilizing Lean process methodology (http://www.lean.org/whatslean/), recommending process improvements, as well as analyzing and researching data. I hope to find a job in my new field soon, as I am currently in my senior year. I am very excited to transition my career into the IT field, combining my previous experience with newly learned knowledge.
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