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I am currently taking a Social Media class; which, in part is teaching about self branding online, and given the advice received from my career advisor, I have decided to work on my personal brand. To be perfectly honest, I never gave the idea of personal branding much thought. By reading about personal branding, I learned that it means a lot in the professional world and is an effective way of marketing one’s skills-set, knowledge, and expertise, to a large audience in a short period of time. I also understand that if done correctly, it could make a world of difference for me later on. I think if I start now and build a foundation, then later it could save time when searching for a job.  Let’s face it, at this point I’m not aiming for an executive level job where my profile and portfolio are a necessity. That being said, I realize it is important to define your skills, goals, and priorities.  Granted, some of those will change and evolve into different things over time, but the foundation should stay the same. My goal is to reach out to people who are looking to hire for entry level IT Management positions, or to get in touch with people who can provide tips on how to succeed in my search. I want to convey to my audience my qualities and achievements. Even though my new career has not started yet, I know I have what it takes to succeed. I’m not afraid of trying new things and learning new skills, and I consider myself a persistent, driven, and devoted individual, who is able to learn quickly and willing to take risks. If we are not willing to put our ideas out there and challenge traditional ways of thinking, then we are not going to evolve or grow. We have to be willing to take some risks in order to better ourselves and our future.


About delfazmis

I am a detail-oriented and results driven Financial Services professional with a reputation for outstanding organization skills, looking to move my career into Information Systems management. I currently have an A.S. in Business Administration, and am pursuing a B.S. degree in Information Systems Management. My background includes many years of experience in both the research and development of processing management. I also have expertise in utilizing Lean process methodology (, recommending process improvements, as well as analyzing and researching data. I hope to find a job in my new field soon, as I am currently in my senior year. I am very excited to transition my career into the IT field, combining my previous experience with newly learned knowledge.
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