My reflection on Twitter

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As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m taking a Social Media class, and  part of the requirement is using  Twitter as way to promote my professional brand. My reflection of  media is that Twitter is a great database depository for information that one might  look for. The information can be found on the web; however, someone already found it and put it out there for easier access. Twitter is a clutter of information.  Access is easy only if one spends countless hours of following posts daily. I do not think it was organized for easy exploration, not to mention the numerous time wasting micro-blogs about trivial, uninteresting news.  I do not feel  Twitter is my cup of tea, but I do think that it can be very informative for people who have time to follow Twitter on a daily basis. I will try to spend more time using it, and try to get more experience using  Twitter for a while, and see if I will change my mind.


About delfazmis

I am a detail-oriented and results driven Financial Services professional with a reputation for outstanding organization skills, looking to move my career into Information Systems management. I currently have an A.S. in Business Administration, and am pursuing a B.S. degree in Information Systems Management. My background includes many years of experience in both the research and development of processing management. I also have expertise in utilizing Lean process methodology (, recommending process improvements, as well as analyzing and researching data. I hope to find a job in my new field soon, as I am currently in my senior year. I am very excited to transition my career into the IT field, combining my previous experience with newly learned knowledge.
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